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Airmattress and Protective Cover Installation

Step 1.

If you're not installing a protective cover, skip to step 3 below.

If you purchased an optional protective cover, it would be installed after the safety liner. The traditional waterbed safety liner is used to protect the outside of the protective cover from stains or wear.

Be sure that the manufacturers label on the protective cover is at the foot of the bed. Unfold the protective cover and lay it out similar to the way the safety liner was laid out.

{Cover being installed pic}
Unzip the protective cover on both sides and lay it over the head of the bed. This allows easy access for installing the waterbed mattress(s). Smooth out the inside of the protective cover.

Take care with the zippers, too much stress and they will pull apart possibly causing damage.
{Cover partially installed pic}
Unfold and unroll the mattress into the cavity of the protective cover or waterbed liner. A waterbed liner protects the mattress bottom somewhat from wear and splinters. Be sure the fill valve is located at the foot of the bed.

{Mattress partially installed pic}

Pull the corners of the mattress into each corner. Smooth the mattress out as much as possible before filling.

{Mattress partially installed pic}
Attach the hose from the foot operated pump to the mattress. Be sure the pump end of the hose is attached to the side marked FILL.

Fill the mattress by stepping on the pump bellows until the mattress is filled.

{Finished pic} 
Zip up the protective cover and you're ready to put your linens on your new airbed.

{Finished pic}