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Waterbed Information

wood only
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Step 1     4 Poster Frame Assembly Instructions


Lay out your frame, posts and hardware. Make sure all frame boards have finished surfaces facing down on the floor.
{ step 1 }


Mount the footboard to the two shorter posts using the hardware provided which is usually brackets and screws. Normally there are predrilled holes to facilitate attaching the brackets. Be careful to keep the height the same at both ends.
{ step 2 }


Mount the headboard to the two taller posts using the hardware provided. Be careful to choose the holes correctly so that the headboard and footboard
{ step 3 }

Side Boards

Mount each side frame board to the headboard and footboard. Make sure the finished edges of the frame boards face out.
{ step 4 }


Position the assembled frame where you want it in the room.
{ step 5 }

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Step #  Action Step # Action
1 Sandbox Frame 3 Deck Assembly
1 Extended Frame 4 Frame Mounting
1 Poster Frame 5 Heater
2 Standard Riser 6 Liner and Mattress
2 Drawer Riser 7 Filling the Mattress