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Waterbed Information

wood only
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Step 2   Drawer Riser


Lay one drawer section of the pedestal inside the frame. It should be recessed slightly from the side and be centered between the headboard and footboard.
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Lay the second drawer section of the pedestal inside the frame as seen here.
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Slide the wood spacers between the two drawer sections. Some trimming may be required depending on manufacturer and size. It is important that the drawer fronts be recessed a few inches.

Many times the spacer used at the foot is to be an access door for extra storage. Be sure it will fit before continuing.
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Be certain the assembled drawer pedestal is centrally located within the frame in its final position.
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Remove the Frame

While not disturbing the pedestal, tilt one side of the frame up and let it rest on its side. This is so you can place the decking boards on top of the pedestal.

Four poster frames do not require this step.
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Step #  Action Step # Action
1 Sandbox Frame 3 Deck Assembly
1 Extended Frame 4 Frame Mounting
1 Poster Frame 5 Heater
2 Standard Riser 6 Liner and Mattress
2 Drawer Riser 7 Filling the Mattress