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Calesco Softside Waterbed Heater - $64.95 each

For Softside Waterbeds only


---  Optional Savings  ---
Softside Safety Liner $45.00       None
Low Watt Waterbed Heater $60.00 2 Waterbed Heaters $115.00 None
Vinyl Repair kit   $5.00 Two Repair Kits $9.00 None
Cap & Seal Kit   $5.00 Two Cap & Seal Kits $9.00 None
Super Burper   $5.00 Two Super Burpers $9.00 None
WB Conditioner   $7.00 Two Waterbed Conditioners $12.00 None
Basic Drain Fill Kit   $7.00 Two Basic Drain Fill Kits $12.00 None
Vinyl Cleaner Protectant   $7.00 Two Vinyl Cleaner Protectants $12.00 None
Blue Magic Bubble Stop   $8.00 Two bottles Bubble Stop $15.00 None