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Semi Waveless Waterbed Mattress Lumbar Innomax Luxury Support

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Semi Waveless Waterbed Mattress Lumbar Innomax Luxury Support
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  • Semi Waveless
  • 3 Full Fiber Support Layers, 3 Mid-Body
  • 22 Mil. vacuum formed Orbital Support™ Top
  • Seams on Bottom - away from flex areas
  • Tethered Support System
  • 3 way reinforced corners
wood only

  WB Cal. King 72" x 84"
  WB Cal. Queen 60" x 84"
  WB S.Single 48" x 84"


Includes Mattress and Shipping

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strobel waterbed mattresses
Waterbed Mattress - Luxury Support for Wood Frame

Innomax Luxury Support Waterbed Mattresses: for Traditional Hardside Wooden Frame Replacement Waterbed Mattresses

Available in Cal. King, Cal. Queen & SuperSingle sizes.

The Luxury Support Hydo-Dynamic model is from several years working with designers and researchers to bring forward this new line of Waterbed Mattresses for the serious sleep enthusiasts.

Designed and Manufactured by InnoMax, Established in 1975. Yes another bedding industry's true pioneers in the Waterbed Mattresses & accessories.