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Blue Magic All Purpose Waterbed Conditioner

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Repeat Treatment every 12 months using an 8 ounce bottle. Child Safety Cap.

Waterbed Conditioner by Blue Magic, this waterbed treatment conditions water so extends the life of the fiber and vinyl inside. Water doesn't stagnate from batreia and microorganisms. Each bottle of Waterbed Conditioner treats for up to 1 year depending on mattress type and size.

: Add entire contents of the Blue Magic bottle into filled mattress. Repeat application every 12 months using one Large 8 ounce bottle depending on waterbed mattress type and size. Biodegradable.

  1. Prevents bubbles
  2. New Formulation
  3. Preserves mattress plasticizers    
  4. Conditions vinyl interiors
  5. Sequesters minerals.
  6. Extends mattress life.
  7. Inner-foil safety seal and child-resistant safety caps.

Note: If using well water or other untreated water you should double or triple the amount of Blue Magic waterbed conditioner because there is more active matter in untreated or well water.

Without treatment the water inside the mattress will turn foul and smell. Without conditioner the water will leach out important additives from the fiber and the mattress vinyl accelerating the aging process resulting in drying and cracking of the vinyl from inside.

Why is waterbed conditioner so important?  Waterbed conditioner in your mattress acts as a gentle antibacterial and anti fungal water conditioner. Without waterbed conditioner your mattress water will deteriorate until it smells badly. If this condition is allowed to develop too long your mattress can be ruined.