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Waterbed Information

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To understand frame hardware you should know that there are several types of hardside waterbed frames. There are three basic variations:

-4 Board-
-5 Board-
-4 Board Extended Frame with Headboard

4 Board Frame:

{drawing of a 4 board hardsiade} Legend:
A Side Rails
B Footboard
C Headboard
D Corner Bracket
E L Brackets
F Riser
G Deck Boards

The 4 boards are the two side rails, the headboard and the footboard. Notice that the headboard and footboard are different. The headboard sits between the side rails. The footboard is at the end of the footboard.

You should always use duct tape or similar tape to cover any hardware inside your bed to prevent chafing against the liner or mattress. This is a leading cause of premature mattress failure.

5 Board Frame


A Headboard
B Wood Braces

The "Fifth" board in a 5 Board hardside frame includes a headboard. The headboard is held up by two wooden braces that are screwed in from the back side.

4 Board Extended Frame with Headboard:


In the view above, you can see that the 5 Board "Extended" frame is longer to accomodate a headboard. The detail shows a typical way of connecting the headboard to the end of the frame. There are many types of headboards made from many types of wood and finishes although pine and oak are predominant.

Deck and Footboard Detail View from front-right side of bed

footboard image
A Footboard
B Deck


Notice in the above illustration that the footboard has a groove milled so that it fits over the deck. The headboard is done in a similar manner. In this way the frame is supported at the top and bottom.

Corner Closeup:

corner bracket picture

A. Headboard
B. Siderail
C. Corner Bracket

The frame boards are held together using corner brackets. The frame is attached to the deck using L-brackets on the side rails.The L-Brackets are used to retain the shape of the side rails and provide stability.