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Waterbed Mattress Boyd Regency 5

Regency V Waterbed Mattress

$ 239.95
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Includes Shipping and Mattress

WB Cal.King 72" X 84" WB Cal.Queen 60" X 84" S.Single 48" X 84"

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  • 24 Vinyl, Impression Top
  • 4 Full Dacron Fiber Layers
  • 96% Waveless
  • 4 Layer Reinforced Air Cushion Corners
  • Memory Stretch Tethered at 4 corners
  • 3 Lumbar Support Layers
  • 24 Vinyl, Impression Top
  • 5 / 17 Year Warranty*

wood only

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shipping is included in price

Boyd Flotation has always made a point to have the "best products at the best price!"

Regency waterbed mattresses are positioned in the mid range and offer quality and affordability. Each mattress model is manufactured with a specific amount of motion reduction so that you will find a mattress that fits your needs and desires for a comfortable nights sleep.

Quick Mattress Buying Guide

There are a two primary things to consider which effects your sleep experience. How many layers of fiber do you want and whether you want lumbar support or not.

Fiber layer thickness and density differs between manufacturers and even model lines. The more fiber you get in any particular mattress, the firmer the mattress will feel and the less motion you will get.

An average size person of 5' 9" and 140 pounds or smaller will find many mattresses comfortable. Taller and heavier people will have a more difficult time with semi waveless and full motion mattresses and should consider firmer mattresses with Lumbar.

Lumbar support provides extra support in where the heavier part of the body is. This helps you to sleep flatter without the hammock effect. A mattress with a low waveless rating will sink deeply in the middle because water seeks it's own level and there is little fiber to provide support.

If two people are sleeping in a waterbed and one is bigger than the other, a dual mattress dampens motion and one person is not sleeping on a hill and the other in a valley. You can also have two heat zones that are different with a dual.

Sleep Rating: Supple and Buoyant

This waterbed mattress is supple yet buoyant because of lumbar support. Entry and exit is relatively easy. Motion typically stops in two seconds. Sleepers motions effect each other minimally. Waterbed Mattress Boyd Regency 5 has three lumbar support fiber layers to support sleepers midsection for a somewhat flatter sleeping posture.

*17 Year Limited Warranty

Due to the quality of materials and construction processes used on this mattress, we are pleased to offer a 17 year limited warranty.

5 year full warranty from defects in material and workmanship. 12 Years prorated.

Care and Handling of a Waterbed Mattress (Abbreviated Version)
  1. Inspect inside of frame, tape up brackets nd remove tools and debris.
  2. Do not open box using sharp objects.
  3. Be sure there is nothing inside the frame that will puncture your mattress.
  4. Heater should not be placed over seam between boards. It will fail. Follow heater instructions.
  5. After the heater is in the safety liner goes in
  6. Unfold mattress & carefully center it,
  7. After filling it about 1 - 2 inch reposition mattress.
  8. You cannot reposition when mattress is full - it weighs 1200 - 2000 pounds.
  9. Add Conditioner now so it mixes as you fill. Double amt. for well water.
  10. Fill mattress only until level with frame
  11. Overfilling one of the biggest problems people have.
  12. Use spray Vinyl Cleaner Protectant every 6 month to keep mattress supple.
  13. Add waterbed conditioner as per bottle instructions, usually about every year.
  14. Complete instructions with pictures are located here