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Protective Covers for Wood Frame Waterbeds

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Help Information Page for using our Shopping-Cart:

A Simple Guide To Ordering
  1. Browse through ABC Waterbed Outlet
  2. Click on "go to cart page
  3. Enter a quantity for an item, and click the Add To Shopping Cart button, your item is then placed in your shopping cart
  4. The Continue Shopping button returns you to ABC Waterbed Outlet.

  5. As you continue shopping you may add other items to the shopping cart

  6. When finished ordering, Click on the Cart button. Then complete the form with information on contact name, billing and shipping address so we know where to send it.
  7. Click on the Check Out Button at the bottom of the page
  8. Fill in your credit card information to complete the order and click "Check Out" once

At any time during shopping you can:

  1. Pause shopping, when you return your order will still be waiting for you if you do not close your browser.
  2. Stop shopping, nothing will be processed unless you go through the check out process.
  3. Review the Shopping Cart Contents. Delete an item or change a quantity by changing the quantity and selecting Recalculate.

There are several other self explanatory options and buttons on the shopping cart. Enjoy!