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First Class Air Replacement Mattresses

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dual airbed inserts
Airbed Mattresses for Wood Frame

New World Airbeds Mattress Inserts (9 inches deep): for the Traditional Hardside Wooden Frame Waterbeds.

Available in Single & Dual Chambers in Cal. King, Cal. Queen & SuperSingle size Inserts.


Unlike other types of air mattresses which need to be inflated firm to offer an acceptable sleeping surface, this unique airframe style First Class Air Dual System, shown left, and the First Class Air, shown on the right, are different in that they can be adjusted to your body weight to provide a more comfortable sleeping surface. This Air Mattress also provides more edge support for sitting, getting in & out of bed by inflating outer chamber more firmly than inner chamber.

The First Class Airbed Mattress Dual System offers two separate sleeping chambers, edge support and three comfort level adjustment valves for total adjustability and individual comfort. You can adjust each chamber to any firmness level that your body weight dictates for comfort. You can lie down, roll over and climb out of bed and not disturb the person laying next to you. Made In The U.S.A