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Padded Waterbed Rails

Padded Waterbed Rails are almost a must have item. If you have ever rolled into or out of your waterbed when tired or under the weather, you would appreciate having a padded rail covering over the wood at the sides. Padded Waterbed Rails improve the looks of your bed and the cushioned sitting edge make it much more comfortable to sit on for a few minutes. They also allow you to sit on the rails for a short period of time.

We carry two and three piece padded rails. Two piece rails cover the two sides and three piece cover the two sides as well as the foot of the bed.

Our padded waterbed rails come in Standard, Jumbo, Krinkle and Supreme. The standard is our most affordable. Jumbo, Krinkle and Supreme provide more padding.

We carry rails that come in many colors in Vinyl and Cloth Fabric. Padded Rails have 1 1/2" inside diameter to fit most waterbeds.

Standard Rails use thinner padding.

Jumbo and Krinkle padded rails have thicker padding and have a spongy feel to both the top and sides of your waterbed and are very comfortable.

The Supreme Padded Waterbed Rails have thicker padding and come further down the side of the frame to approximately 6 inches. You are less apt to bang your shins with this style.