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How to Find a Leak

Before you can fix a leak, you have to find it. Be patient, this can take some time, ingenuity and perseverance.
  1. You must make sure you dry up all the water. Generally when nobody is in the mattress it leaks very little if at all.

  2. One method after drying is to put on a set of clean sheets or use paper towels in a suspect area. This works well on leaks that are on the sides or top. Sometimes you will get only a little dampness or beading up of water.

  3. Leaks underneath are more difficult to deal with because of the water weight. Line the perimeter of your waterbed mattress with paper towels, placing them between the mattress and the liner. This will make it easier to locate the leak.

  4. Lay on the mattress to increase internal water pressure. Look at the paper towels to see which ones have absorbed water, this is where your leak is

  5. Circle the leak with a permanent black magic marker. This will make it easier to patch later.

  6. Always be sure to follow patch kits instructions for proper water mattress repairs.

  7. Leaks that are on seams are not repairable.

  8. Go back to patch techniques

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