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Saphire Waterbed Conditioner Multi Purpose
Saphire Waterbed Conditioner Multi Purpose
Five bottles of Saphire Waterbed Conditioner with Free Shipping

5-Pack 4 oz. Conditioner $24.95
3-Pack 4 oz. Conditioner Vinyl Repair Kit, Super Burper $24.95
3-Pack 4 oz. Conditioner, Drain & Fill Kit $24.95
2-Pack 4 oz. Conditioner, Drain Fill Kit, Super Burper $24.95

4 oz Bottles

Sapphire Multi-Purpose Plus (+) Fiberbed Conditioner is specifically formulated to treat and condition mattress water, fiber and foam. It also lubricates and conditions vinyl interior for maximum performance while eliminating any gaseous bubbles.

Why is waterbed conditioner so important? Waterbed conditioner in your mattress acts as a gentle antibacterial and anti fungal water conditioner. Without waterbed conditioner your mattress water will deteriorate until it smells badly. If this condition is allowed to develop too long your mattress can be ruined.

Directions: add entire contents bottle into filled fiberbed mattress, burp out all air bubbles. 4 - 5 days later burp all air bubbles again. Close mattress valve tightly.

Repeat application every 4 - 6 months in fiber beds. 8 - 12 months in free flow mattresses.

Caution: Contains Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride. keep out of reach of children.

Corrosize: Causes eye damage and skin irritatiobn. Do not get in eyes on skin or on clothing. Harmful if swallowed.

First Aid: In case of contact, immediately flush eyes or skin with water for at least 15 minutes. Foe eyes or if irritation persists, get medical attention. If swallowed, immediately drink large quantities of water. Call a physician immediately.

If bed has not been treated properly, drain completely, add 15 gallons of water, mix vigourously and drain again. Fill bed with fresh water and follow dosage directions for Sapphire Waterbed Conditioner.