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Draining A Waterbed Mattress Page 1

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Things You Will Absolutely Need


A clean hose is used for draining your mattress. Old hoses or used garden hoses can introduce bacteria and other things into the mattress. A 25 foot hose may not reach far enough. You may wish to pre-measure the hose length needed.


Faucet Connector / Adapter allows connecting the Hose or Venturi Pump to indoor sink.

perfect union

The Perfect Union allows connecting a hose to the mattress

venturi pump

The Venturi Pump connects to the faucet.

When the rotating valve on the bottom is in the down position it removes water from the bed.

In the up position it puts water into the bed.


O-Rings keep hose seals tight, you cannot fill or drain a bed if everything is not airtight.


Waterbed Conditioner should be poured into mattress if it is to be stored for a period of time.

If moving right away you will need to have this so you can set your bed up right away.

If you don't have everything you see above, you are not ready to drain your mattress.

Optional Items


Optional - A Water Pump can be rented or purchased in advance. If you have a fiber filled bed you really need this.


Optional - Using a Wet-Dry Vactm is a great way to get out the last vestiges of water and allows you to vacuum pack your mattress.

  vacuum packing is the best way of keeping the fiber layers from shifting.
hose adapter

Most companies that sell wet dry vacuums also sell vacuum hose adapters that allow you to step down their hose to a water hose size.
hose adapter
This common brass replacement fitting can be connected to the adapter.
radiator clamp

A Radiator Clamp is used to seal the vacuum hose adapter to the brass hose fitting.

Here we see the adapter set up allowing you to vacuum out the last vestiges of water and also vacuum pack your mattress for moving or shipping.

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