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Draining A Waterbed Mattress Page 2

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tubeDraining Waterbed Tubes is Simple

With a tube waterbed tube, simply pick up each tube and carry it to the sink or tub.

Remove the cap and seal and let it drain while maneuvering the tube for best drainage results.

Draining A Waterbed Mattress

So, it's moving day and you're on edge and you need to empty that bed now! Hopefully you took our advice and you have everything you need.

Even a Super Single waterbed mattress has 1200 pounds of water inside it. That's a lot of water to move.


Getting Started


Remove the aerator from your sink



faucet adapter

Screw on the Faucet Adapter

attach venturi pump

Screw the Venturi Pump onto the Faucet Adapter

venturi pump valve

Pull down the valve on the venturi pump bottom and rotate counterclockwise so it will drain the mattress later

eductor drain

You can easily see the direction to rotate the valve in this blow-up.

attach hose to venturi pump

Attach your water hose

acp and sealCap and Seal

Pull the mattress fill cap up as shown. Then unscrew the Cap. Be careful pulling the plastic wings up on the cap, they break easily.

Pry up the Seal with a fingernail and remove in and the cap for safe keeping.

connect to mattress Connect To The Mattress

Screw the Perfect Union onto the other end of your hose. Push the Perfect Union down deep into the mattress. Use books or phone books to keep your Perfect Union deep into the mattress so it can draw water.

Weigh down the hose to valve coupling at the waterbed with old telephone books or encyclopedias. The valve coupling should be lower than the rest of the mattress so that good water flow can occur.

turn on water
Turn on faucet so it will begin to draw water from the mattress. If you see mattress getting bigger and not smaller the valve is in the wrong position.

If you hear lots of gurgling and the mattress doesn't seem to be draining check your connections and ensure the Perfect Union is down deep enough.

You may have to "prime" the hose by prefilling it with water before pumping or siphoning.

prop it up

Prop up the top of the mattress. Place a few boxes at the head of the bed under the mattress. This will facilitate draining water faster.

venturi pump

When finished remove the Perfect Union. Quickly replace seal and then the cap to prevent unnecessary air getting in.  


conditionerAdd Waterbed Conditioner for Longer Storage

If you plan to store the mattress for a month or longer, you want to add a bottle of conditioner at this time since there is always a little water in the mattress after emptying. Storage facilities are usually very warm and the conditioner will help prevent a bacterial bloom from ruining your mattress. If storing for a long time like 6 months or longer double the conditioner.

roll up the mattress

Roll your mattress.

The waterbed mattress should be rolled up if it is a fiber filled mattress like this one.

There may be confusion because new mattresses come folded. This is true but the fiber in a new mattress is dry, flat and under vacuum allowing it to easily fold into a small package for commercial shipping.

Once the fiber is wet, it swells and takes on weight making it much harder to handle.

Roll the mattress from the head of the bed to the foot, much like you would roll a large carpet. When handling remember that a mattress vinyl is thin and your are dealing with a lot of weight.

Box it using Two Wardrobe Boxes

roll the mattress

You can use two wardrobe boxes to pack your mattress. Slide one box on one end. Slide the other box on the other end of the roll and feed it's flaps inside of the first wardrobe box. Tape the two boxes together.

Your mattress is now safe and easy to move.

Draining A Mattress with an Electric Pump

Using an electric pump is easy and fast. Attach the Perfect Union to the short suction hose and the intake side of the pump. Most pumps have an arrow showing which way water will go.

Attach the water hose to the pump outlet, run the other hose end into a tub or sink.

venturi pump

Screw the Perfect Union onto the other end of your suction hose. Push the Perfect Union and Fill back down into the mattress. Use books or phone books to keep your Perfect Union deep into the mattress so it can draw water. If it cannot draw water it can burn your pump up.

electric pump
Plug the pump in. Listen to the sound and watch to be sure it is pumping.

The most important thing you can do is stay with the pump until completely finished draining the mattress. If you don't get water coming out immediately, unplug the pump and check the connections.

     Running a pump with no water in it will burn it up fast.

Draining A Mattress with a Wet Dry Vacuum

A Wet Dry Vacuum is great for getting the mattress as dry as possible. Water is heavy. A mattress that is sucked flat will move better than one that has some water in it.


Most companies that sell wet dry vacuums also sell vacuum hose adapters that allow you to step down to water hose size.


Here is another style of vacuum hose adapter.


If you need to use a piece of hose, be sure it is heavy duty or double wall so it does not collapse under vacuum.


You can use a vacuum to remove all the water in a mattress, however that would require many trips to dump the water in the vacuum.

We recommend using a venturi pump or electric pump to get most of the water out, then finish using the vacuum.