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Extended Frame Wood Frame Waterbed Assembly

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Extended Frame for Bookcase Headboards


Lay out your frame and hardware. Note that the footboard and backboard usually have grooved bottoms. The grooves should face in towards each other. Make sure all frame boards have finished surfaces facing down on the floor.


Assemble the frame with the hardware, usually corner brackets. Be sure to use the screws provided. The side frame boards extend past the headboard. This is to support the bookcase headboard.

You can use a deck board to ensure the internal distance is right. Lay one piece of the decking down at the foot. Then bring the head up to the decking until it fits (usually in a groove). Attach hardware, then remove decking board.


Position your frame exactly where you want it in your room.


This photo shows the headboard being positioned. This is only a check, it should not be attached at this time.

laying it out

Pedestal Riser

After the frame you assemble the Pedestal. The Pedestal is basically a box that sits on the floor, a deck boards are placed on top of that and the frame on top of the decking. The mattress sits on top of the decking inside the frame. The pedestal provides the needed height for easy entry and exit.

Layout the pieces of your standard pedestal inside the frame as pictured. The finished sides when assembled will face outside. These are often painted black.


Slide the plastic corner brackets into each corner of the pedestal base. Slide the corner bracket in at an angle to start, for easier assembly.

corner brackets

Firm pressure is usually required to slide the corner brackets on. Do not use a hammer.


Assemble the two sets of the center support system by inserting the slotted pieces into each other. Position the two sets of center supports in the cnter of the bed head to foot and side to side.

Alternately you may receive a single long support with two shorter supports. Position it down the middle of the pedestal base.


The pedestal should be accuratly centered inside the frame. Use a tape measure to ensure accuracy.

center it

While not disturbing the pedestal, tilt one side of the frame up and let it rest on its side. This is so you can place the decking boards on top of the pedestal.

set it aside

The Decking


With a California King Size frame and most Queens, position the three boards on the pedestal. Be sure the pedestal is equally recessed on all four sides so that the weight of the waterbed may be evenly distributed.

king size deck  

The Super Single size typically has two boards. Position the boards on the pedestal. Be sure the pedestal is equally recessed on all four sides so that the weight of the waterbed may be evenly distributed.

supersingle deck

The cut corner(s) should be at the head of the bed so that the waterbed heater wires may pass out and under the frame and be plugged into an outlet. Do NOT install the heater at this time. If your corners are not cut, trim off a triangular piece of the corner about 3" from the corner nearest the electrical wall outlet using a small handsaw or jigsaw.


Install Frame


Lower the frame onto the deck. Make sure the grooves overlap the deck boards. Recheck that the frame is centered on the decking.

Check to be sure the decking is still centered on the pedestal.

install frame  

The grooves at the bottom of the headboard frame overhang the decking. The frame sides are outside the decking.


Attach the "L" brackets to the frame and decking. This secures the frame to the decking.

Spread these out appropriately. If there are three brackets, put one in the center and the others between the center and the frame boards at the head and foot. If two brackets per side, put each about 1/3 down or up from the head and foot.

Warning: File down rough burrs and tape over with duct tape to protect liner and mattress from sharp areas of hardware.


If you have a bookcase headboard, attach the bookcase with the brackets and screws supplied. The flat brackets are screwed in from underneath the headboard and behind the frame.

You may have to slide the frame assembly out from the wall while this is being done. Be sure to put the frame back so that the decking is once again centered over the pedestal.