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Seven Steps to Assemble A Wood Frame Bed or Waterbed - in Detail
Assembling a wood frame waterbed has been broken down into 7 steps. Our detailed instructions with pictures cover most styles of wood frame waterbeds. Start with Step 1, the frame assembly of your wood frame waterbed. Then work your way through the other six steps.
Step 1- Frame

The First step in the process is to assemble the frame. This is brecause the frame has tp be positioned properly to the walls. It will be tilted to the side as other items are assembled.

There are 3 types of frames
  1. The Standard or Sandbox frame which is just four boards or 4 boards and a headboard.
  2. The Extended or Bookcase Frame. It has an extension at the head of the bead for a bookcase or fancy headboard.
  3. The 4 Post Frame.

Sandbox       Extended       4 Poster


Step 2 - Riser

The Riser or Pedestal sits on the floor and supports the deck, the frame and the mattress.

There are two styles of Pedestal or Riser, the standard riser is just a box shaped support, a drawer riser is a piece of furniture with drawers and or cabinets in it.

Standard Riser       Drawer Riser

Step 3 - Install Decking

Deck or decking is made up of two or three boards that sit on top of the riser. The frame is attached to this decking providing support for the mattress.

Install Decking

Step 4 - Attach Frame
In a previous step the frame had been tilted to the side, here we tilt it back so it fits on top of the deck and we attch it to the deck with hardware

Attach Frame

attaching frame
Step 5 - Install Heater

A heater is required in a wood frame waterbed particularly in winter. Heaters are installed directly on the deck.

Install Heater

Step 6 - Install Liner and Mattress

After the heater is installed the waterbed safety liner is next.

Liner & Mattress

liner & mattress
Step 7 - Fill Mattress

Filling the mattress is done using warm water

Fill Mattress